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I am  available for healing. Both remote healing and on the bench. What is important  is to work with your  old action patterns and reaction patterns. Many want change in life. But if you go on the same old programs and patterns, it becomes difficult to create change. If you also have trauma / bad experiences, this can block your further development. Then I can go in and take a memory redemption.

I work a lot with surgical healing. Surgical Healing is a healing method with its own special techniques, where I go in and work with surgical operations in the energy body. Instead of working on the physical plane, I raise the frequency up one level so that I can work on a clean energy level.

You usually notice an improvement after the first treatment, but it can be okay with several treatments. This is individual. When working with the energy body, the physical body will adapt. I have a team of helpers during the healing. I can never promise anything during a treatment, but have a lot of good feedback 🙏 If you want an healing sessions, send me a mail : twinflame263@gmail.com or you can post me a message on facebook at; healer cathrine jensen

Wishing you a glorious day🌞✨💖 All the best- Cathrine


My name is Cathrine Jensen and I am a medium from Norway, and I work with Spiritual Healing and Surgical Healing. For the last 6 years I have performed healings on family members and friends, acquaintances and strangers. I have always had the abilities I have today, but over the almost 48 years I have lived, they have become stronger and stronger. I am clairvoyant, have Healing abilities and can clean houses, and lay cards. mostly angel cards and oracle cards.

I have lately been working on making my own prediction cards. They are called extraterrestrial beings Oracle cards. There are 45 cards with guidebook and box. The cards are in english, but its a norwegian translation in the book as wel. The pictures on the cards are from my own paintings that i painted from 2013 to 2020. This deck of cards can help you in your  spiritual developments or in your everyday life. If you want to buy them, you can do so under the online shop.



What I do during healing is to remove blockages, balance the chakras and cleanse them. I can also go in and  give you a memory release . I remove the bad feeling of bad memories or trauma. You will then remember the event, but will not be able to go into it. And the bad feeling in the experience will be gone. I have done this on lots of people now  with good results. With the help of angels and other helpers, I start a process, so you will find your way back to yourself. A healing treatment with me is not a special time, it can vary from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours you can also get remote healing for about 30 minutes to 1 hour Often 2 treatments are enough, but some may need more. I also do surgical healing. Surgical Healing is a healing method with its own special techniques, where I go in and work with surgical operations in the energy body. Instead of working on the physical plane, i raise the frequency up one level so that you can work on a clean energy level. You usually notice an improvement after the first treatment, but it may be okay with a finishing treatment to enhance the effect. This is partly because you work with the energy body, which the physical body will adapt to. I have a team of helpers during the healing.

Healing is a process that helps humans or animals to get better or healthier. Healing helps on all four parts of the body. The physical man, the emotional man (emotions), the mental man (thoughts) and the spiritual man (faith and spirituality). Healing takes place through a spiritual / energetic contact between the healer, the client and the natural spirit world that is there to help us. The spirits are positive, loving, intelligent and want to give healing to those who receive it. Healing is a natural ability.

The possibility of healing can be learned and developed by most people. In addition to our ordinary physical body, we all have a spiritual body. Some call it a force field and some call it the aura and some again the chakras which are force fields in the body. If this spiritual power is out of balance, it will make us sick. The healer's job is to get the spiritual body in balance. Your spiritual body will thus affect your physical body so that it becomes healthy. Most healers work with a power like God, angels, primordial power, the Universe, forces of nature or spirits. Most healers work as a channel, which transmits a healing power. It is the power that gives the healing through the healer. I get a lot of help from angels when I heal, most of the people I have healed have had mental illness. And has received good feedback. I always encourage the client to go to the doctor:

An example: They have then been to the doctor with all sorts of problems, but have not found any disease. It has then been shown that the mental has settled in the body as physical pain. It has been shown that the person had many mental problems / been exposed to trauma / marital breakdown, death in the family, over many years or longer and have then benefited from the healing I have given.

Self-development is both the essence of man and the perfect soul. You will learn something from everyone you meet. We are all here on our own unique exciting "journey". And this journey lasts a lifetime.And you learn something all the time. Those who claim that they do not learn anything whit meet with other people, can not be in contact with themselve. As I see it.

Life is not a competition. Everyone has their own way to go. YOU, your way and I my way. No one is bad or good. It's just the way it should be. Long enough to experience and learn what you're going to do in this life.

In a world where self-development and the spiritual have been given such a large place, it is important to follow yourself. Your inner voice. A lot is written in the media about spiritual awakening and self-development.  A lot can be helpful during the process. In this life, follow your path, do not let others decide it. Everyone can have experiences that seem the same. But it can be perceived in many different ways. Your opinion is the one that is right for you. Because no one is exactly like you. Follow your own path  in life. You must dare to trust yourself. It can be a difficult road but it is only when you are true to yourself. And then you are just YOU. The one you should be. What other people may think does not really matter, because we all have a responsibility to create our own Happiness. You cannot place that responsibility on another human being. The key to a good life is to love yourself both the good and the bad sides .And accept yourself for who you are .It can be scary and feel on all sides of yourself, but is absolutely important. Because if you do not , you will not get further in your development. And if there are aspects of yourself that you do not like, you can always change them.The change you want must come from the heart  . You are the boss in your own life.


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yes my block, and moving from Esbjerg to sjælland

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Wanna know more about this please

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I feel angry,usually i can control myself inn and out ,lattely impatient worried,trying to do right but often i feel powerless

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ALERT! -17 WE ARE BATTLING DEMONIC FORCES in a matrix reality-my worK iS thE onlY answeR-17

Am I Death Angel AZRAEL incarnate?
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I have issues with nightmares, ptsd and insomnia.
Also my back is in alot of pain.
I'm willing to try anything at this point ^^
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i wish my destiny

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Thank you so much Lena for the conversations I have had the pleasure to share with you wonderful woman, may God bless you forever.

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Amen thank you you are working hard on spiritual growth God will bless you🌹❤🌹 all the time I support you with prayers

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LENA is a geniune and very kind healer i got instant result from here she took away my old self and made me new creation thanks may you help many more like me God bless you and your work

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Very geniune kind person was instant healing for me feel like new person lost my old self god bless and may you touch many more cheers

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Hei. Jeg tar 700 for 1 behandling 😊