Some information from the variouse extratrrestrial beings.


The Pleiadians are here on our earth plane to aid in the dimensional birthing of our planet and to assist those of us that are willing to awaken to a full knowledge and understanding of ourselves. They hold what they call ‘energetic platforms,’ which open up powerful opportunities for us to re-align back into our natural spiritual natures, which is to say, our Higher Self.I am here to help and guide you during this process of rising to the fifth dimension. Dear ones! we greet you with love and appreciation for all that you are in this moment. This ‘Language of Light’ work has been brought forth at this time to enable those of you who feel called to do so to take giant steps toward your own enlightenment process. We have crafted energies that will support you in being able to move back into a place of re-alignment to the Self, and remembrance of your place within the Universal Consciousness. The time has come for many of you to reconnect to this aspect of your Self so that you can navigate your place within the Collective. As you make your way back towards Self, you undergo a transformation that enables you to hold an ‘energetic platform’ an energetic mirror, as it were for others to meet that aspect of themselves. In this manner, you enable many other humans to follow in your footsteps. This is part of your mission here, it is what you came here to do, and now is the time for this unfoldment.



Arcturians are the most advanced 5th dimensional beings in this galaxy, they operate mostly below 5th density. But they operate as high as 9th density. They give us an idea of what our future will look like. They are here for us, spiritual, mental and emotional healers for the whole of human unity. Love is the primary element of life in the 5th density. They have to decrese in frequency to reach us, and we must also increase in frequency to reach them. Big positive changes are now on the way. We have come to open up your telepathic abilities and increase your vibration. The human unit will rise from 3D to 5D, so we have come to educate people and help you get over to 5D. We encourage you to meditate every day. Meditate to music that vibrates in harmony with the universe (astral contact 432hz).