The universe has no likes or dislikes The universe is always ready to open up its secrets when you are ready. But our mind and thoughts and ego block. the moment all thoughts disappear, we can see everything clearly

Ego, in psychoanalytic terminology is the part of the personality that is in conscious contact with the realities of the outside world, and which constantly tries to reconcile external demands with on the one hand its own desires and drives (id) and on the other hand its own moral beliefs and perceptions (superego)

Our ego is something that keeps us away from our true self, and is the energy that creates what we can call our darkness, it has energy center in the physical body of the liver that sits on the right side of the physical body, centered under the rib legs and towards the middle of our stomach. If we are in strong contact with this center, we will feel stronger pain, anxiety, fear both physically and emotionally and the need for dramatization of ordinary everyday life is strongly prominent. Oh for the sake of sight, everyone can live well in a long life with the ego, but do we need it, if we are to rise in energy and raise our consciousness or can it be an obstacle? The stronger the contact with our ego, the lower the pain threshold we have, and the less contact with the ego the higher the pain threshold. The more we live from the heart the more we see ourselves and others as the truth is. For others it is only a reflection of ourselves, we can never perceive others but through ourselves The ego center is not what we are, but more the part of us we think we are, it is our roles, our pain, what makes us think we need, ie our needs and what the center does so that we think that when we perceive others it's about them. But this is not the ultimate truth. It is possible to work on letting go of the ego, letting go of the drama, the pain and a heavy way of perceiving life if one wants to raise our frequencies, away from what was over to something better. Meditation and visualization changing thoughts words and the way you do things are great keys to letting go of the ego. The ego is the part that has brought us here we are today in development, but it is also the part we have separated from our real self, it is the part that makes us perceive loneliness, sadness, emotions, and that something is bad or that we judge ourselves or others, I see it as a necessity to drive us somewhere, since we are here with free will. Many people think that if we think something about others then it is the truth about the other, it is not, it is the truth about ourselves we reflect, because if you and I had not been, we would not have been able to register others either. So others are because we are. And when we point, remember that there are three fingers pointing at ourselves all the time. So, what we say, see, or think about others, says everything about who we are and very little about others, we are the ultimate observer of everything, the difference is whether we observe out of the heart or the ego. This is how it is if we perceive others as kind and good, then this is only a reflection of what we ourselves are, it is for better or worse. In itself knowing another is a wonderful saying which in my consciousness is truth number one, it is a truth without modifications, what we see is always colored by you and me, then it is up to us which colors we want to use. The ego is the shadow that keeps the light from the main source away, the ego is what keeps you away from yourself your inner self and your power. when you think negative thoughts and feel negativ, what do you get done then? What do you do when you feel bad, you give a lot of time and attention to the pain? Oh, when you really create goodness and joy, what do you get done then, or which state of these two do you get done the most in? I think you know ;)